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Waiting For The Next Selena: 5 Tejana Artists Who Have The Potential To Skyrocket

Waiting For The Next Selena: 5 Tejana Artists Who Have The Potential To Skyrocket

5 Latinas who may be the next Selena

If there’s one thing that all Tejanas in common, it’s a shared love for Selena. Since her untimely death in 1995, she has become an icon for the Tejano community and her music gains new fans every year. It doesn’t take much to understand why Selena is still so popular 21 years later. She shattered the glass ceiling in the male dominated Tejano industry and blazed a seamless path into the English market, which is no small feat. Many have tried, and few have succeeded the way Selena did. To this day, she remains the reigning queen of Tejano music.

According to Belinda Guerra-Muerer, CEO of Z93 Radioout of Laredo, Texas, “There will never be another Selena. But we’ve been waiting for a female artist who can do what Selena did. She broke so many boundaries. There has never been a female artist that has been able to climb the ranks like Selena. They’re have been some who have tried, but no one has come close. We’re still waiting for that one Tejana artist who will skyrocket the way Selena did. Who can sell out the stadiums? Who can make Tejano music popular again for non-traditional fans? Who can transcend into the English market as easily as Selena did?”

We may not have to wait much longer, here are 5 Tejana artists who have that potential:

1. Isabel Marie

Isabel Marie

We can’t have a list without including Isabel Marie, a young artist who’s being guided by Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla. Signed to Q Productions, this uprooted Chicagoan has been making waves in the industry with her charisma, strong passion for music and her mind-blowing vocals. She has a voice of someone who has lived many lifetimes, yet she’s only 13 years old. The demand for this singer is growing so quickly that she’s already being home schooled to meet the industry’s growing needs. Under Q Productions, Isabel Marie is working on her upcoming album entitled, “There Is A New Girl In Town”, which will feature Tejano, Cumbia and Mariachi, all aimed at the Hispanic tween audience. Just like Selena, this artist is showing her stripes at such a young age, it’s exciting to see where her journey takes her.

2. Alexxa


Dubbed as “Newcomer of the Year” in 2013 by Premios Texas, this singer from Pearland, Texas has all the right ingredients to climb the ranks. She has trekked an impressively long way despite having no connections to the music industry nor having any knowledge on how to navigate the waters. It just goes to show that the cream always rises to the top and her voice is her golden ticket to stardom. Alexxa’s talent is innate and she understands that dreaming big isn’t the only key to success, you have to put in the hard work and dedication. She has the work ethic that rivals any superstar and it’s apparent that her determination will carry her to the top of the charts.

3. Las Fenix

Las Fenix

Squad Goals, Tejana style! These five sisters own the trifecta of the perfect musician; they sing, dance and play their own instruments. This Tejano female band owns the stage and they bring an undeniable energy that resonates with their audience. While they like to dabble in all musical genres (their latest album “Retro Live” was more pop/rock) their Tejano audience continues to grow every year. These ladies are the real deal, and they need no crazy gimmicks or over-the-top revealing outfits to sell music. They are demure, talented and ground breaking. Put these ladies on your watch list for future Grammy wins.

4. Megan Chapa

Megan Chapa

Have you ever heard of a record label that was created around one person? Neither had we until we spoke with Mazmorra Music’s head of PR, Roland Sabedra, “Megan he has an undeniable talent. She brings a style to her music that no one else is doing.” Her debut album, “Mi Diario” has 3 songs in rotation and all have hit No. 1 in various stations around the U.S. and Mexico. Her manager and CEO of Mazmorra Music, Richard Rosales, told us, “I have worked with many artist though out my career, have seen lots of talent, but it takes a particular talent, an angel on your shoulder, a star that follows you around, to set you apart from the rest. Megan shows all these aspects and I am looking forward to see what the future holds for her and her great talent.” This Corpus Christie native is a rising trendsetter and tries not to emulate another’s style, but creates a style and sound all her own.

5. Di Marie

Di Marie

While her friends jokingly call her the “Mexican Taylor Swift” for writing songs about love and loss, Di Marie proved she’s got what it takes when she was nominated for Best New Female Artist at the 2015 Tejano Music Awards. Be on the lookout for her as she continues to top the charts with such songs as “Alguien” featuring Juan Jose Rodriguez.

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