Let's Talk Chop: 5 Latinas Who Will Give You Short Hair Envy

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Latinas and long hair are like Parisians and red lips, they go hand-in-hand. As a child, I had hair flowing past my lower back until I begged my mother to have it cut. Even then, it was a tough request for her to say yes to. After that initial cut (decades and decades ago) my hair has stayed long ever since. Writer Yesenia Almonte pens her experience with cutting her hair in this essay for Racked.com. I found her perspective to be amusing and familiar. Despite what others may think, hair grows back. Hair has the ability to temporarily change how you feel about yourself, but it will never change who you are. If you've always wanted to change up your look, but were afraid of the scissors, head to the salon and get hair-spiration from these 5 Latinas who made the chop.

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copy by: gabriela garcia