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8 Hacks That Make Thalia's Life Easier

8 Hacks That Make Thalia's Life Easier

8 Life Hacks That Make Thalia’s Life Easier

Thalia is a busy woman: she recently collaborated with Colombian Reggaeton Artist, Maluma, she has her Thalia Sodi Spring Collection at Macy’s, she has two children and now she’s sharing beauty tips on Popsugar Latina. The busy singer shares her tips on how she keeps it together and we’re taking notes! “Many times, I find myself struggling with everyday tasks. I feel that life is passing by too quickly, and there are so many things I want to do and take care of, but there is never enough time in the day!” We feel you, Thalia!

She put together a list of hacks that help make her everyday tasks easier to manage. “The goal is to have more time to focus on the important things that demand extra attention and concentration from me,” she says.

1. Keep Your Home & Life Decluttered

She recommends doing a sweep of things that add clutter to your life, such as too many photos on your desktop, a closet full of clothes you don’t wear anymore and even makeup that is just taking up unnecessary space. Keep your life organized and clutter free and you’ll feel more relaxed and able to appreciate what you have.

2. Create a Zen Workspace

Some people like working in a messy workspace, Thalia does not. She likes a clean workspace and dust-free. She does keep plants and speakers in her workspace, which we love!

3. Streamline Your Beauty Stash

Thalia keeps her makeup in clear bags, which include brow gel, mascara, eye shadow, brushes, concealer, mirror, bronzer and cherry lipstick—the bare necessities of course!

4. Accessories Can Save the Day

She’s a fashion designer and as such, she loves wearing accessories, but not just any accessories. She likes those that make a statement, conversation pieces that don’t have to be too expensive, but definitely have to look polished and good quality.

5. Be Practical About Your Shoes

Apparently Thalia is just like the rest of us and heels make her feet hurt and have done some damage to her lower back and hip joints. After so many years rocking high heels, she now prefers flats and low heels.      

6. Take Care of Your Hair

She washes her hair every 3 days with a protein-rich shampoo. She loves Rita Hazan products, which are her secret to maintaining beautiful long hair.

7. Stretch For a Healthy Body

Thalia has days when she’s too tired to workout, and on those days she makes it a habit to at least stretch for 10 minutes. Stretching and doing yoga helps her stay healthy, happy and flexible.

8. Watch Your Caffeine Intake

She loves coffee and after realizing she was overdoing it, she now drinks just one cup in the morning and if she wants more, she switches to decaf. She also makes it a point to drink one glass of water for every cup of coffee. Sounds fair!

Feeling inspired? Shop Thalia's hacks below:

Rita Hazan True Color

Thalia Life Hacks

Marie Kondo

Thalia Life Hacks

Thalia Life Hacks

Tell us, what are your hacks for making life easier?

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