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How Vicci Martinez Went From ‘The Voice’ to Playing Daddy on ‘Orange Is the New Black’

eason six of Orange is the New Black premiered Friday with a change of location that introduced new characters, new relationships, and a telenovela’s worth of new drama. With the culmination of the riot in season five and its impending repercussions, many of Litchfield’s familiar faces are placed in the campus’ maximum security facility. It’s here where we meet Dominga Duarte aka Daddy, one of this season’s stand-out stars.

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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Fans Are Wondering: Where the F*ck Is Maritza?

Familiar faces have been placed in very unfamiliar spaces on Season six of Orange Is the New Black. But one cast favorite is noticeably absent throughout the entire season, and viewers are asking, “Where is Maritza?” With clues on her whereabouts few and far between, we are beginning to wonder if we’ll ever see her again. Let’s break down what we do know.

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How Aimee Garcia Is Redefining Latinas On Television

It's no secret that Aimee Garcia is strikingly beautiful. But what stands out the most from speaking with her is how intelligent and determined she is. The "Alma" and "Imagen" nominated actress, born and raised out of Chicago, has been in the industry since she was a child. Trained at the acclaimed Piven Theatre and graduating from Northwestern University with triple degrees in Economics, Journalism, and French, Garcia has evolved into a brilliant actress who constantly debunks stereotypes surrounding Latinas.