Modern Brown Girl’s Style Guide

Welcome to Modern Brown Girl!

MBG’s mission is to be the go-to digital resource for inspiring Latinas and women of color to live their best life while staying connected to their culture. We aim to be regarded as the authority on Latina culture, topics, trends, beauty, and style. This should be reflected in the topics we cover and the way we cover them.

Please hand in articles through Google Docs to the editor you received approval from and include your picture and byline with any relevant links.

Gabriela Garcia at:

Yanira Garcia at:

Cynthia Chavarria:

If you have pictures or videos to include in the article, send them as a separate attachment and include photo credits. Make sure all images or videos are free of copyright or that you have permission to use them.

All articles should be between 600-800 words. Features and in-depth cover stories range from 1000-1500 words. Features and in-depth articles are paid and need an editor’s approval prior to submission.

Below are some guidelines that reflect our content and style.

1. Engaging & Authentic

Your writing should engage our audience, tell a story, and grab the reader’s attention. We want our readers to feel as if they are interacting with a well-informed best friend, their comadre. Cultural references and familiarity are important. We are writing about Latina culture and insights from an insider perspective.

Use of Spanglish/Spanish is encouraged, but only when it makes sense and feels natural. Please don’t italicize or quote Spanglish/Spanish words.

NO: MAC’s new makeup palette is muy caliente!

YES: MAC’s newest collaboration will inspire you to bring out your inner chola.  

Generic or empty observations and descriptions: if you can swap out the subject in a sentence with any other subject and still have it make sense, then the sentence is probably too generic to offer any real value or be of interest to the reader.

2. Young & Woke

The MBG reader is between 18-35 years old, educated, savvy, and woke. Our writing should reflect that.  

3. Culture

Our cultural perspective is what distinguishes Modern Brown Girl from any other digital media platform. Our goal is to build a loyal audience by highlighting emerging Latina products, stories, talents, events, tv/movies, and women. Our editorial point-of-view needs to be a trusted source that makes our readers want to come back to us over and over again.  

4. Keywords

Choose one to three keywords for your article and include them in the title and first paragraph.

What are keywords? In terms of SEO, they're the words and phrases that our readers enter into search engines (Google) to find the topics they’re looking for. Keywords are important because they are the link between what our audience is searching for and the content we are providing to fill that need.

5. Grammar & Punctuation Guidelines

Punctuation goes before the closing quotation mark, not after.

2. Numbers one through nine are written out. 10 and on are written as numbers.

3. We use the oxford or serial comma when providing a list.

4. Movie titles, TV show names, and web series titles are italicized.

5. If you want to include a link — pick the words you want linked — and create the hyperlink yourself.

6. Use said (not says) when quoting someone. 

6. Sharing on Social

We’ll share your article(s) at least two times on our social media platforms. Please make sure to include your social handles when you submit your piece so we can tag you.

7. We’re Here for Support

We’re so happy to have your contributions to our site! We are a platform to help you build your portfolio and grow as a writer. If you need help fleshing out an article, tips on editing, want someone to vent to or bounce ideas off of, need resources for other writing gigs, or want to list us as a reference for future job applications, we’re here for you. We are your #LatinaTribe and you can reach out to us for support at anytime. E-mail Gabriela Garcia anytime at:

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Happy Writing! xoxo