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Meet Patty's Bags

Meet Patty's Bags

Patty’s Bags Chicago

I am your local bag lady, Patricia! We’re on our third year as a small business in Chicago. My daughter, Claudia, handles most of my social media and finding opportunities for us to grow. We’ve TOTE-ally become a stronger and closer mother-daughter team. Sew exciting.

My Abuelita taught me how to sew and crochet in Mexico when I was 7 years old. The first piece I made was a dress. I was so proud of it at the time and now I laugh at the thought of how awful it really was, but I loved learning and creating with my Abuelita. At age 12, I challenged myself to draw because my sister was drawing muñecas (dolls). I almost finished my graphic design degree because I loved art so much, but I had children and eventually graduated with my BA in Spanish Literature and a minor in Art History.

As a Mom of 3, I had to be frugal so I did my best to buy second-hand clothing and alter them to fit my children. I also made their candy bags from unbleached muslin fabric and painted them with whatever theme they wanted, along with painted t-shirts like dinosaurs or Mickey Mouse. I also baked their themed cookies! I was definitely doing what is considered cool now, shopping for vintage clothes and screen printing/designing t-shirts.

After many years of baking cookies, painting, crocheting hats and more, I decided to improve my sewing skills by making totes and learning how to cut and sew patterns. I truly believe it is never too late to learn a new skill or to start a small business. Being over 50, I’m still learning how to navigate different social media platforms and how to use my smartphone while watching and discovering a whole new world. I am happy I am because I follow many creative minds in the sewing and art world who are just like me- a woman, a mother.

My friends and family encourage and support me in my crafty ventures. I sell my bags, aprons, dog scarves and more at craft and vendor fairs around the city; it is exciting to work on my inventory! I’m so thankful for their support as well as other small businesses like mine. You can find my custom made bags at Mestiza Shop in Pilsen where they have many handcrafted items from Latin America and local artists. The most popular bags are cross bodies and makeup bags, but I have bags for children and men too.

Message us for custom handmade bags or anything with fabric, like a bike bag! Claudia also makes ornaments like Fridas and conchas!

Visit Patty’s Bags to purchase a bag of your own and follow them on Facebook, Etsy, and Instagram.

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Welcome to The MBG Community Blog!