MBG Editorial Contributor Application

Modern Brown Girl is a lifestyle site that covers beauty, style, topics, trends and inspiring Latinas. The Modern Brown Girl is a Latina who likes to maintain her culture in unison with her American upbringing. She is sophisticated, savvy and woke. 

Our team of editorial contributors are the creative force behind the content of MBG. They create articles every other week on topics of their choice, while working with MBG's editor-in-chief and our contributor team to publish compelling, thought-provoking content for millennial Latinas and women of color. 

We’re looking for creative, outspoken, bright, driven and kick-ass women of color, post-grads and 20-somethings to add to our editorial team.

Not only will you gain great creative experience, meet a community of cool girls, and get to share your unfiltered opinion about interesting topics, but you’ll get to change the face of media for WOC with your powerful thoughts.

Through our guidance, we arm you with the technical skills you need to create smart, engaging content. 

Time Commitment: 1-2 Hours a Week (Non-Paying)

*Limited Number of Spots 

Applications are rolling so you can apply at any time. If accepted we’ll email you a few weeks after applying.

You Are Perfect For This Position If You Are Passionate About: 

  • Journalism
  • Brainstorming Article Ideas
  • Online Magazines
  • Current Events
  • Latinx Issues
  • Style / Beauty
  • Mental Health & Wellness 
  • Travel / Recipes / Career Issues
  • Thought-Provoking Content
  • An Elevated Voice For Women of Color

Skills You'll Gain: 

  • Digital Editorial Skills
  • Online Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media & Branding Marketing
  • Strong Self-Discipline  

Perks Of Being A Contributor: 

  • Getting to be a part of the MBG team 
  • Interaction/collaboration opportunities with fellow contributors and MBG's founder
  • Monthly one-on-one training with the editors on how to write successful & engaging digital content
  • A byline with links to your social media accounts and/or personal website
  • A professional reference for future internships and jobs 
  • A ton of writing samples (and writing samples that really matter)
  • Amplify your social following and personal brand/website/business
  • Ability to get your writing in front a national audience
  • College credit (where applicable)

If This Sounds Like The Position For You, Apply Below! 

Name *
Remember, we’re looking for original ideas and stellar writing. The 5 ideas should illustrate your sharp creativity, show off your amazing writing skills and prove that you’ll add valuable and unique perspectives to the MBG team. Not sure where to start? Study our content and get better acquainted with our brand.

Thank you so much for applying for a MBG editorial contributor position! If we feel you could be a good fit for our team, you'll receive a follow-up email. If you don't hear back, please know we have a limited number of contributor positions and unfortunately cannot accept all applicants. 

Keep following, reading, and spreading the #modernbrowngirl love!  

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