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Latino Inspired Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Dinner


Nothing is more American than Thanksgiving and apple pie. And while this American holiday is rooted in tradition, food always has a way of connecting cultures and creating new traditions. Put some Latino inspired flavor into your Thanksgiving dinner this year and you may be seeing it again on the menu next Thanksgiving. 

Pumpkin Pie Flan

At the MBG offices, we love flan and we equally love pumpkin pie. Mix the two together and you have a dessert made in heaven. Be the hero of Thanksgiving dinner when you show up with this Pumpkin Pie Flan. Recipe here.

Chorizo & Cornbread Stuffing

Yes, please! The traditional stuffing just got an upgrade with this flavorful take on the dish. Recipe here.

Chipotle Coca-Cola Sweet Potatoes

The title for this recipe had us intrigued on so many levels. We love the simplicity of this recipe while livening up the dish with spicy chipotle and sweet and fizzy Coca-Cola. Creativity at its finest. Recipe here.

Turkey in Mole Sauce

Raise the flavor of your turkey by pouring this rich and savory mole sauce over it. You're welcome! Recipe here. 

What are your mouth-watering Latino inspired Thanksgiving recipes? Share with us below or on social media. We love to hear from our readers. Looking for more food inspiration? Read about our Tamale recipe that is sure to be handed down for generations.

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