The Newest App You Need to Download


New on the scene is Whittl, a booking app that allows you to search and book appointments ranging anywhere from massages, facials, mani/pedi’s, vision and chiropractic care. Whittl is unique in that it allows for a seamless experience. You can search from over 250+ locations (more being added daily), read reviews, comparison shop and book your appointment 24/7.

The Old Way: Search through dozens & dozens of websites to shop for your next massage or facial. Scour through endless Yelp reviews, decipher Google Maps to see if the place is near or far. Your computer suffers from tab overload. Meanwhile, you've missed the latest episode of "Empire" because you were too busy lost in the abyss of Google searches. 

The Whittl Way: While sitting on the couch, feet up, you open the Whittl app on your phone. You enter what service you want, the time frame you have available and the price range that you are willing to spend. Easily scroll through the available options, compare prices and read reviews, all in the app. No time wasted. Get on with your life. 

The Old Way: You finally find what you are looking for. You call. No one answers. They are closed. You have to call back tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, you forget to call. By the time you do call, they are booked and can't take new appointments. Call back again tomorrow, they say. Tomorrow comes, same thing. 

The Whittl Way: You instantly find what you are looking for. It's midnight? No problem, you can book your appointment any day, any time. You receive a confirmation e-mail. All is good. 

The Old Way: After you finally book your appointment (days later) and receive your relaxing massage, facial, etc, you make your way to the front desk to pay. You fumble through your purse. How much to tip? You make calculations in your head. You're starting to stress out. Did I tip too little? Too much? Oh, you don't take credit cards? Where's the nearest ATM? You have to walk 5 city blocks to the nearest ATM. So - not - worth - it. 

The Whittl Way: You pay for the service & tip all in the app beforehand. You go to your appointment, relax and simply walk out. Everything was taken care of. Your feeling of zen lasts throughout the day. 

Ready to try Whittl yourself? With the code MBG2015, all readers will receive $20 off any appointment booked through Whittl. Available for iPhone & Androids. Also read about the newest app that will change the way you shop. 

copy by: gabriela garcia

image courtesy of: Whittl