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Gifts for the Modern Foodie

Gifts for the Modern Foodie

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Modern Foodie
Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Modern Foodie

A while ago, I might have judged you if you called yourself a foodie. It all sounded so pretentious. That is until I realized I was the exact definition of a modern foodie. Do I currently own finishing salt, table salt, and Himalayan pink salt? Yes. Yes. And more yes. Do I know how to spatchcock a chicken? You betcha! And between you and me, I started infusing simple syrups earlier this year with my home-grown and organic locally sourced herbs and various teas. My transformation to a foodie was complete before I even knew what was coming. 

There’s nothing wrong with denying yourself the finer things and flavors of foodie life, so I’ve put together a handy gift-giving guide that will truly impress the foodie in your life. And girl, that might as well be you, so treat yo’ self and get to cooking! You know who to call when you’re looking for a taste-tester. 

1. Cooking Skills Course, from $50/person

While my grandma taught me how to make arroz con pollo, I had to go elsewhere to overcome my fear of working with sharp knives in a kitchen. Give someone you love an experience they’ll never forget (and some useful kitchen skills) with a cooking class. Whole Foods and William Sonoma offer cheap and easy classes from pasta making to the introduction to vegetarian cooking! Take advantage of buying courses in a bundle for a gift that doesn’t quit! 

2. Williams Sonoma, Infused Essential Oils, $39.95

This set from William Sonoma is a safe way to combine your love of essential oils with food. Food-grade essential oils can be expensive and many are not safe in foods with such high concentrations, especially for children, women who are pregnant and even our pets. These oils are so amazing, you’ll want to get a set for yourself too!

3. OXO Good Grips, Food Scale, $47.52

This one goes out to all my bakers! If you’ve ever wondered why you need to add two tablespoons to a few cups of flour, it has to do with precise measurements based on weight. A food scale can also be used for weighing snacks to ensure you’re not overeating! Every kitchen needs one.   

4. Anova, Culinary Sous Vide, from $89.95

In an effort to streamline my precision cooking game last year, I was gifted this sous vide for Christmas and it’s changed my life. I no longer panic when I have a late night at the office and grab Thai food on the way home. I have time to make an incredible meal that turns out perfectly every time. If you’re not familiar, a sous vide takes all the guesswork (and compensates for a lot of skill) when cooking by circulating water at a specific temperature controlled by your phone via Bluetooth. It’s magic.

5. The Flavor Bible, $24.79

This book was recommended to me by a mixologist and it’s been the first thing I reach for when I’m cooking, baking or crafting something new. The Flavor Bible covers all the basics of flavor and teaches you which ingredients pair best together, with surprising combinations. It’s also my go-to when I have leftovers, herbs or produce ready to expire in my fridge. I’ve become a more creative cook and home bartender because of it!

6. Tovala Steam Oven, $349

I’ve got this bad boy on my registry and am really hoping someone wants to gift this state of the art, futuristic countertop appliance. It’s more than your run of the mill toaster oven and can steam, sear, bake and cook your food to perfection in a matter of minutes. If you work a 40-hour or more week and love to cook and eat but don’t want to compromise on quality, this is the countertop oven for you. They also have a meal service kit where you scan the barcode on the meal and it cooks it perfectly for you, “Zenon Girl of the 21st Century” style.

7. Herb Garden, $36.47

A basil, lavender or rosemary plant is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s the perfect gift for your friend with a green thumb who enjoys fresh ingredients. And, when you give them a gift like this, you can also suggest that they have you over for some of their homemade pesto. Have you ever had homemade pesto with homegrown basil? Get that invite and thank me later.

8. Instant Pot, $82.49

The theme of my gifting follows a typical pattern, save time without losing taste. The Instant Pot can create amazing, pressure cooked meals in a matter of minutes. You can also make just about any food in it from bone broth to cakes, it’s got all your kitchen needs covered.

Now that you’ve bought your foodie friends such thoughtful gifts, let’s hope they return the flavor!

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