How To Take Care Of Winter Skin

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Dear Yanira, 

What are some great moisturizers to use during the winter months that aren't too heavy under makeup? Rosyln, S. - Toledo, OH. 

Hands down the best moisturizer for under makeup is NARS Aqua Gel Oil-Free Moisturizer. It’s extremely hydrating but super lightweight and your skin will have that lit from within glow. If you wanted a more affordable option, Trader Joe’s makes a facial lotion called Enriched. It’s heavy at first but sinks right in so you’ll be able to wear under makeup without issue. Also, it’s the best drugstore moisturizer I’ve ever tried. I promise. 

Dear Yanira, 

My skin gets so dull during winter. What's the best solution to get "refreshed" skin? Peels, exfoliants, face masks? Help, I'm so confused! Amanda, P. - New York, NY. 

Hi Amanda! You and me both girl. My skin feels as though it just loses life once it starts getting cold. I like to start the season with a good exfoliating facial. Treat yourself even if just this once and then invest in a cleansing brush like Clarisonic. It deep cleanses while stimulating your skin. Then incorporate facial oils into your moisturizer. Right now I’m using Jojoba Oil from the Jojoba Company. I also step up my night time moisturizer by using Korres Night Time Sleeping Facial. Your skin will feel alive by morning. 

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