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7 Actionable Ways To Supercharge Your Personal Growth In 2018

7 Actionable Ways To Supercharge Your Personal Growth In 2018

Ways To Supercharge Personal Growth

There's no doubt that 2017 was stressful AF! As we embrace the New Year, now is the perfect time to establish habits that can help supercharge personal growth. We've put together 7 simple things you can do on a personal level so you can bring in the 2018 year with a bang! 

1. Clean Your Home

There's no denying that a cluttered space can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Take some time to thoroughly declutter all of the papers that are piled up, throw out or donate items that you no longer have a use for, put clothes away, and clean your space so that it's a place of calm and not stress. Keeping your space neat and organized will help with productivity because your less likely to lose things and have more time to focus on your daily tasks. 

2. Declutter Your Inbox

At any given time, my husband has over 1,000 emails in his inbox. That's enough to drive anyone crazy! Filter through your inbox and start deleting what you don't need, and move important items into labeled folders. This may take some time, but try to end your day with 0 messages in your inbox. How? When something comes your way, deal with it. Whether it's to delegate, delete, actually doing the task at hand, or deferring it, the point is you should make like Olivia Pope and "get it handled."

Simple Tips To Make Your Life Less Stressful

3. Schedule A Doctor & Dentist Appointment

Your health is a priority and you should make it a habit of seeing your doctor and dentist at least once a year. The new year is a great time to remember this. Even if you feel amazing, it's important to see your doctor to get a baseline of your health. Yearly health exams and tests can help find problems before they start, and also can help find problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better. 

4. Limit Social Media

Do you check your Instagram first thing in the morning? Do you check Facebook 10 times in one hour? Simply put, there is no need to constantly be glued to social media. Not only is it mentally unhealthy, it's a big time sucker. Think about all of the other things you could be doing with that hour you just spent on Facebook. There's nothing wrong with embracing social media, but try to schedule a time for it. We guarantee that if you check into your social accounts 2-3 times a day and not 2-3 times in an hour, you won't be missing out on anything important. 

Simple Ways To Enhance Personal Growth

5. Establish A Morning Routine & Stick With It

The one thing that successful people have in common is a well established morning routine. You are the most productive first thing in the morning, and setting up a routine ensures that you can maintain that level of productivity for longer periods of time. Creating a morning routine will streamline your daily processes, cut down on wasted time, and allow for more productivity in your used time. 

6. Develop Your Sense Of Style

The way you dress not only impacts how others respond to you, it changes the way you see yourself. Style is not just about clothes but it impacts how you feel. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room knowing that you're looking extra AF? That is a reflection of your most powerful self! Need help curating your wardrobe? Our friends over at Ready Pretty are here to help! Mention Modern Brown Girl and receive a 15% off promo code. 

How To Develop Your Sense Of Style

7. Learn Something New

We all need a breath of fresh ideas, and perceptions. Whether it's learning how to code, take a ceramics class, or learning a new language, developing your knowledge base can significantly improve your life personally and professionally. Learning something new keeps our brains active and allows us to succeed at something new, thus enhancing our self esteem. We all need a win in 2018! 

What things will you do to make this your year? Share with us in the comments below! 

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