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7 Tips for Living Your Best Life with Allergies

7 Tips for Living Your Best Life with Allergies

7 tips for living your best life with allergies

Living well with allergies sounds like an oxymoron. An unattainable goal for so many of us who battle the effects of pollen, poor air quality, and the ever so frequent flare-up. If you’re like me, seasonal allergies are just the cherry on top. With food, environmental and seasonal allergies, I’ve learned a few things over the years. Supplementing these lifestyle changes with over-the-counter and prescription medications and help!

1. Use Free and Clear Detergents

The fresh lavender scent of towels when you pull them out of the dryer might provide a moment of laundry bliss, but the scents in detergents and dryer sheets can exacerbate allergies. Opt for free and clear detergents and enhance with essential oils, if necessary.

2. Eliminate Air Fresheners

Air fresheners can mask foul odors in the home, but they can also aggravate allergies and may contain toxic ingredients. Swap out your plugins for soy candles with fragrant essential oils or an essential oil diffuser. If you have pets, be sure to evaluate the safety of essential oils before you use them around Fido as some may not be suitable for dogs and cats.

Houseplants that purify the home

3. Allergy-Friendly Houseplants

Greenery in the home is all the rage right now and the great news is there are allergy-friendly houseplants that won’t aggravate your symptoms! Some houseplants can naturally purify the air and make it easier on your allergies. Look for Marginata, Bamboo Palms, and Chinese Evergreen.

4. Get a HEPA-Certified Vacuum

Keeping a house clean is hard enough without a vacuum that spews dust back out of it. When purchasing a vacuum, look for one with a HEPA filter. These filters provide the highest level of vacuum-cleaner filtration available today and won’t allow harmful dust particles to recirculate into the air from the exhaust. The only drawback is a quality vacuum containing a HEPA filter can be a bit more pricey - but well worth it!

HEPA certified vacuums for allergies

5. Buy an Air Purifier

Not only does an air purifier ensure harmful dust and allergen particles are trapped in the filter, but it can also provide a quiet form of white noise as an added benefit! Be sure to look for one with a HEPA filter when you’re shopping and find one with a reusable filter that you can clean at home.

6. Consider Diet-Related Needs

Living well with allergies means avoiding allergen triggers - including food. I may feel like the only one who can’t indulge in potatoes (who is allergic to potatoes?!), but not suffering the effects of it is well worth it in my book!

7. Keep Windows Closed at Night

It’s tempting to let the cool summer breeze in at night, but peak pollination time is just before and after sunrise. You want to keep all windows closed during this time to avoid any allergy triggers from ruining your otherwise bright and perfect day.

Making a few simple tweaks to your home and your lifestyle can really help control your allergies.

Are there any other allergy secrets you want to share? Comment below!

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