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Learn From An Expert: Glowing Skin This Fall

Learn From An Expert: Glowing Skin This Fall

How to get glowing skin this fall and winter

Cold weather has arrived! As we transition into the new seasons, our skin must adapt to cooler temperatures and a decrease in humidity. Want to make sure your skins health doesn’t suffer this fall? Dove dermatologist and latina beauty expert Dr. Alicia Barba is here to give us her tips for a smooth transition.

It All Starts In The Shower

I see a lot of dry skin in my practice due to not using the correct cleansers, over cleansing, over scrubbing and forgetting to moisturize.  Excessively hot water in contact with the skin for a long period of time worsens our skin’s ability to naturally hydrate itself. The hot water essentially strips all the natural moisture away. I recommend a short quick shower using warm water and a gentle cleanser, like the Dove Body Wash. It has ultra-mild cleansing agents mixed with NutriumMoisture to hydrate while cleansing. 

PRO TIP: The goal of a good cleanser should be to remove dirt, oil, odor causing bacteria and dead skin cells without disrupting the skin barrier, AND to replenish moisturizing agents lost during a bath or shower.

Eat Healthy

We are what we eat. Making sure we eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables, protein, and low in fat does translate to healthier skin. It is just hard to prove but deep down inside we all know that this is true. It is best to learn how to modify the way we cook our favorite foods so that they have less fat and balance them with greens and low carbohydrate, high protein rich food like beans (boiled and "not refritos"). 

Your Workout Routine Affects Your Skin

It is very tempting to hibernate in the winter but working out is crucial for your skin’s health. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. There are a few guidelines you should keep in mind to make sure you don’t clog your pores and damage your skin while working out. Always try to exercise with a clean face. The heat during a workout dilates pores so you do not want grime to sink in. If you work out after work, always try to wash your face before a work out and remove makeup. At the very least take facial wipes and wipe down to avoid the risk of breaking out. Afterwards, make sure to wash your entire body immediately, especially if you have been down on the floor doing pushups, holding planks, etc. as the gym can be extremely prone to bacteria, dirt, and grime.

Change Your Beauty Routine According to the Season

As we go into the cooler months our skin responds to the lower humidity in the environment by becoming less oily (drier), less sweaty, more dull appearing. During this time of the year you should prioritize using products that are specifically designed to hydrate the skin. 

PRO TIP: I "read the label" every day at work when deciding what topical, prescription or over the counter, is best for my patient. Contact allergies to ingredients commonly found in skincare and makeup, often fragrances and preservatives, are common so if you are allergic to a known substance learn the different names commonly used in the industry for that item and stay away from them.

What are some of your tips and tricks for keeping your skin healthy during the cold months? Comment or tweet them to us!

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