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8 Lagom Decor Tips for a Stylish Home

8 Lagom Decor Tips for a Stylish Home

Lagom decor tips for a stylish home

If you've followed trends like Hygge, you'll love this approach to home decor and living that comes straight from Sweden and is destined to be a trend for 2018. Lagom, pronounced "lah-gom," which means "not too little, not too much," is a balanced approach to design and living that anyone can take on. Simple steps such as decluttering your home and getting rid of carpet make it easy for anyone to implement, but there are of course design principles to keep in mind as well.

This lagom decor guide from Invaluable covers all the do's and don'ts you need to know if you're ready to redecorate as well as eight tips to keep in mind. Though there is so much to learn from this Swedish approach to life, such as learning to be at one with nature, these easy tips give you a great starting point.

Tip #1: Declutter & Organize

How to declutter and organize your home

The key to lagom decor starts with decluttering and organization. Take time to throw away any old items you don’t want. Every item in your home should either delight you or serve a purpose, so any item that doesn’t do one of those two things should be tossed.

Tip #2: Choose White & Gray Hues For Backdrops

Choosing a white or gray wall color

Don’t let the simplicity of a white or gray backdrop underestimate you. These colors create a calming environment for the home so that even after a long day of work, you’ll come home to a relaxing haven!

Tip #3: Add Botany To Your Decor

Bring nature into your home

A big feature of lagom decor is adding nature to your interiors. This can be with plants in different corners of the room or even by adding other elements, such as a table made of wood, to your room.

Tip #4: Mix Vintage & Modern Pieces

Lagom decor is about mixing beautiful thrifted items with modern pieces. There is value in finding old items you can reuse, embodying the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Tip #5: Replace Carpets With Rugs

Replacing carpet with rugs. Lagom decor tips.

Carpets are considered unhygienic in Sweden, which is why rugs are so popular. Add rugs for a pop of color to your floor, and if you want something soft to walk on, considering more plush options, or even layering your room with multiple rugs!

Tip #6: Use Candlelight To Add A Touch Of Warmth

Lagom decor tips

Candles are littered throughout every lagom-style home. They’re used to warm dark corners or placed on dining room tables—even for breakfast! Plus, they’ll add a nice warm light even in the darkest of evenings.

Tip #7: Space Objects Apart

Lagom decor tips

Part of the beauty in lagom is setting objects apart so they can stand out as individual pieces of beauty. Give each object a spot on a shelf or table room to be admired on its own. This also helps avoid clutter and maintains a balanced aesthetic in your home.

Tip #8: Let In Natural Light

Lagom decor tips

Get rid of heavy curtains and opt for sheer drapes instead. Or better yet, let in natural light by removing all drapery. If you’re worried about privacy at night or getting rest, you can get blackout blinds to ensure a full night’s sleep.

Tell us, have you incorporated any of these trends in your home decor? Let us know in the comments below. 

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