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How To Upgrade Your Office Wardrobe With Tips From Celebrity Fashion Stylist Laura Zapata

How To Upgrade Your Office Wardrobe With Tips From Celebrity Fashion Stylist Laura Zapata

How to dress for work

Now that the temperature is rising and the sun is shining, people are looking for ways to incorporate color and the latest fashion trends into their workwear. Celebrity fashion stylist Laura Zapata has recently partnered with Dove and Fashion Snoops to offer this year’s best power workwear tips and to show women how they can glow in the workplace. The new Fashion Snoops microsite gives women everywhere the inside scoop on 2018’s trending colors and how to mix and style pieces, while keeping them white-mark-free with Dove Invisible Dry Spray.

Q: What are your favorite workwear colors and trends that you’re loving this season?

Laura Zapata, celebrity stylist

I’m so excited that bold and vibrant colors like magenta and power red are having a major moment in the workplace! Women’s suiting is a huge trend, and you can wear this look with either a voluminous blazer, or a sleek slenderizing silhouette in a bright, head-to-toe color. Both styles are a great way to command attention in a room, and it’s fabulous way to show you’re a power woman that means business.

At the other end of the color spectrum, ladylike colors like lilac and blue bell, are also incredibly popular this season, and they’re a super chic alternative to an obvious all-black look/routine. I’m also thrilled that these bold colors are making their way into workwear accessories in lieu of neutral-toned pumps or a dark-colored handbag, it’s so refreshing and fun to style and color-block workwear looks with fun tones like pink and purple. 

Q: What are your top 5 beauty and/or styling essentials that every girl should keep at her desk, purse, etc.

Laura Zapata styling kit

I keep an emergency styling and beauty kit at my desk, because you should always be prepared for unexpected moments that may arise, like an important business meeting, after work drinks, or a last-minute date. Here are some items I suggest every chica should have on-hand:

  • Band-Aids/Foot Petals: After hours of being on your feet, foot petals add an extra layer of cushion and comfort on your foot pads or heels. Incredibly uncomfortable shoes will suddenly feel bearable. Band-aids are also a quick fix to fighting an oncoming blister.

  • Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant: This amazing deodorant has an innovative formula that doesn’t leave any marks on 100 colors of clothing, and it also provides 48-hours of odor and wetness protection. It also smells fruity and feminine, which is an added bonus!

  • Concealer: An illuminating concealer works wonders to lighten and brighten tired-looking eyes after a long, hard day in the office.

Q: How can you look professional and fashion-forward in the office during the summer months?

Laura Zapata celebrity stylist

In the summer months, it’s often sweltering outside and freezing inside the office, but no matter the outdoor temperatures, there’s a time and place for your cut-offs and flip-flops, which is not in the office. Here are some ways to keep your look professional while staying seasonally-appropriate:

  • Keep wardrobe basics in neutral colors, like a blazer or an oversized sweater, on-hand in the office. These go-to items will quickly keep your look professional – it’s an instant fix for covering up exposed arms and lower necklines, and the neutral colors will often times match a bright, summer wardrobe.

  • When it comes to appropriate work looks in the summer, it’s best to flaunt only one major part of your body, to avoid appearing over-exposed. When in doubt, play the "high-high or low-low” rule. For example, if your hemline is quite high and leg-baring, in shorts or a romper for example, make sure your neckline is higher and more modest in the bust with something like a button-down or crewneck top. Same goes for when you wear a lower neckline, like a V-neck, t’s best to keep your hemline knee-length or lower.

  • When debating summer footwear in the office, it’s best to avoid anything you’d wear poolside or to the beach. Keep your look elevated with a strappy sandal with a stacked heel, peep toe booties, or elegant pointy-toed flats.

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