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10 Ways To Rekindle Your Romance

10 Ways To Rekindle Your Romance

10 Ways To Rekindle Your Romance

When you’ve been with your boo for a long time, comfort sets in, and couples sometimes forget to heat up their relationship with sweet, sexy, and intimate moments. Although everyone focuses on Valentine’s Day to express their love, you should celebrate your love every chance you get. This can be tough with kids; school, work, and other things… sleep! But don’t worry, I've got you! Here are 10 ways you can rekindle that flame and remind each other of why you fell in love.

1. Put Away Your Phones

How To Rekindle Your Romance

This is one of easiest things you can do to reconnect with your significant other. My hubby and I just started working on this. When we go to dinner, we are trying to make it a point to keep our phones off the table. The conversation is so much better, and our eyes are on each other! It makes you want to go home for dessert. YUMMY!

2. Have A Picnic

Fill your picnic basket with finger foods, a bottle of wine, and dessert. Then head to the park with your blanket, and feed each other under the sun. Now if you’re in Chicago, where it’s freezing right now, this idea won’t work. BUT once summer comes around, a great place to have your picnic is at Ravinia Festival. Food, great music, and BAE are the perfect combination for romance. The 2018 lineup will be announced on March 14.

3. Leave Little Reminders

If both your schedules are super hectic, a cute way to give each other little reminders of why your hearts go pitter patter is this “I Love You Because Chalkboard” from Etsy. You can take turns writing each other little love notes. It’ll make your heart smile!

4. Schedule A Date Night Once A Week

Make sure to put it on your calendar, and try not to reschedule. You don’t have to go out each time. It can be anything from going to dinner, hitting up a coffee shop, going to a movie, or just Netflix and chilling on the couch.

5. Go Lingerie Shopping Together

Image Source:    @victoriassecret

Image Source: @victoriassecret

I work part-time at Victoria’s Secret, and it is so great when couples come in to shop together for lingerie. Intimacy at its finest!

6. Have a Mani/Pedi Day  

Spend some time relaxing and getting pampered together. Mario Tricoci is my go-to place for this.

7. Text Your Partner A Sweet Video Expressing Your Love

Share with them all of the feelings that you have a hard time saying in person. 

8. Share Each Other's Interests

How To Rekindle Your Romance

Do what your partner likes to do on their downtime, and have them do what you like to do on yours. For example, my hubby plays video games so once in a while I’ll play with him. My guilty pleasure is reality TV, so he’ll actually sit and watch with me. They aren’t things we like to do, but you do them cause you love each other so much.

9. Sleep In & Hang Out In Bed

I try to keep at least one weekend day reserved for this. My schedule is always hectic, and it’s so nice to not have to get up early, and just hang out in PJ’s (wink wink) with my love. If you have kids, this can be especially hard. If you live near grandparents or close relatives, ask them if the kids can sleep over so you and your partner can have a weekend to yourself. 

10. Say "I Love You" With A Hug & Kiss

Before you walk out of your home, and when you return, make sure to say "I love you" and share an embrace. It’s simple, effective, and it’s an amazing way to start and end the day. 

What do you do to keep your relationships on fire? Let us know in the comments below.

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