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5 Ways To Master Hygge In Your Home

5 Ways To Master Hygge In Your Home

How To Master Hygge In Your Home

You may have seen the word hygge floating around the internet lately and may be wondering exactly what it is. Pronounced hue-gah, it’s a Danish term that refers to the charming and cozy aspects of winter. Being Chicago based, we've had our fair share of single digit (and negative digit) temperatures. Sometimes it's hard to find the charming or cozy aspects of a 0-degree forecast, but following in the footsteps of the Danish may help make these cold winter months more enjoyable. The Danish believe we should embrace winter in the simplest ways. Since we love Chicago and can't change the weather, we've rounded up 5 ways to practice hygge this winter. 

1. Create An Atmosphere Of Warmth

Candles, wool socks, cozy blankets - surround your home with pleasurable things that are warming to your body and soul. Invest in warm slippers, wear oversized sweaters and loose fitting pants, and get in the mindset of comfort and coziness. 

2. Get Offline

How To Master Hygge

Switch off your TV, laptop, and put away your phone. It's time to grab that book you've been meaning to read and indulge in the present moment. But some soothing music on in the background and enjoy the calmness of your home with no screens on to distract you. 

3. Warm Up With Hot Drinks

One of my favorite things about cold weather is the warm drinks. My favorite hot drink to make is Mexican hot chocolate. Just the smell of it transports me to a cozy state of mind. Whether your drink of choice is coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, use your favorite mug to enjoy a hot beverage to warm your soul.

4. Surround Your Space With Plants

How To Create Hygge In Your Home

Plants bring life and texture into your environment, and most importantly they bring hygge. When you surround your space houseplants, you’re not just adding greenery; these living organisms interact with your body, mind, and home in ways that enhance the quality of life. 

5. Connect With Family And Friends

Phones aren't just for texting. Call a friend you haven't spoken to in months, invite loved ones over for a hearty meal or some drinks by the fire. Winter is the perfect time to slow down and invest in relationships that enhance your life. 

What is on your hygge checklist? How do you cope during winter? Share with us in the comments below!

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