How To Handle Winter Like A Fashion Pro

How to handle winter like a fashion pro

Dear Yanira, 

I have so many events scheduled in the next few months. I can't afford to buy something new for each event. Can you recommend some items that I can mix and match to make it look like multiple outfits? 

- Overscheduled, New York, N.Y.

My no-fail go-to is the iconic little black dress or even navy for a modern twist. Pair it one day with bold statement jewelry and another day with simple jewelry and bold statement shoes. Also never forget that your hair and makeup are the ultimate accessories, have a little more fun this month and let that be your talking piece. Everyone will be discussing your amazing shoes, that new red lipstick, or those show-stopping earrings and no one will be the wiser that you’ve worn that dress three times in a row! 

Dear Yanira, 

I'm a Chicago girl, and I love the city but the winters kill me! I want to look cute but I mostly end up having to wear super puffy coats and large hats and bulky gloves. Do you have any suggestions for cute winter wear that will actually keep me warm? 

-K. Ortiz, Chicago, IL

When all else fails, remember that not dressing weather appropriate makes you look foolish so at the very least, your puffy coat saves you from that judgement so as a Chicago girl myself, I understand. People see us more in our outerwear than our actual outfits. So a few years ago, I splurged on a beautiful houndstooth coat, burgandy leather gloves, and furry earmuffs. All the essentials I need to look classic, stylish, and most importantly, warm. Try looking for bolder colors, fancier fabrics, ornate buttons or zippers, fun printed scarves but never sacrifice warmth and comfort. Happy Shopping!

What are your go-to winter staples that are stylish and warm? Share with us in the comments below. 

Copy by: Yanira Garza, beauty & style editor

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