How To Dress Like An Editor For Under $100

how to dress like an editor for under $100

I've always loved the phrase, “dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” Imagine my surprise after all these years, whether working in retail management, my stint in a fashion showroom, my fifteen years as a makeup artist, or the seven where I simultaneously worked as a stylist, to find out that people didn't really do that. These are industries where your wardrobe is just as important as your job. However, I've also worked with women who dress for more than just success, they dress for the jaw-dropping reactions that even yours truly hands out.

One comment that always sticks out when one is on the defensive for not dressing for the job he/she wants is, “Why would I wear my best stuff here?”

Um, why not? 

Why not wear your best every time you leave the house? There's also, “I can't afford to dress well.”

Um, again why not?

Style doesn't mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a wardrobe. In my new role here as beauty & style editor, I like to actually dress for the job I have because I get to have fun with what I wear and I can always find the latest trends on a serious budget. Here are a few items on my radar that should be on yours as well this season, all under a cool Benjamin.  

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Copy by: Yanira Garza | Beauty & Style editor | 

Featured Image Courtesy of: STIL on Unsplash