Empowering Yourself With Plants: How to Create an Indoor Garden

 How to create an indoor garden

What do you picture when you see the word “garden”? That word tends to evoke images of well-tended rows of vegetables or neat flower beds. An aluminum tub filled with friendly herbs, some climbing up a small trellis. A woven basket waiting to be filled with berries, squash, or tomatoes. A secret place filled with flowers and trees. An idyllic, well-tended dream.

Hold out your thumb. Take a good look at it. Tell me, is it green?

If it is you have a nice head start. I wouldn't be surprised if you already have a few plant babies of your own… so go you, plant mama! For y'all without the green thumb, don't worry. I'll tell you the secret: growing plants requires magic.

There are two main types of magic you'll need.

The first is Time. Each plant is unique, each seed takes a different amount of time to sprout. For you, this means learning to be patient and observe what each plant needs. Making time to do a little research and find out what's best for your plants.

The second type of magic you'll need to use is Love...the most powerful. Your plants will thrive if you love them. Love is an energy you exchange with the plants, and they love you in return by filtering the air you breath and making your space more relaxing and beautiful.

How to create an indoor garden

As for the tangibles, you'll need 3 important things: Sun, Soil, & Water.

Once you're solid on those, it's time to think about what type of garden you want to create. Will it be a food garden? An aesthetic garden? An aromatic garden? A garden that encompasses all of the above? Write down or mood board your dreamy garden goals, then get down to business finding out which plants will fit best and thrive in your space. Map out which windows in your space get the most light and how long that light lasts. Do you have a porch or other outdoor space? Think about how much time you are willing to commit to your plant babies and go from there.

Once you've got an idea of what you're working towards it's time to take a trip to the closest plant nursery.

Buying from a local nursery is a great way to support your local community, learn about native plant species, and receive expert advice from seasoned plant parents. Take your list of ideas with you, strike up a conversation, gather some supplies, a plant baby or two, some seeds, and head back to manifest the plant filled paradise you've been dreaming up. There are tons of resources out there for new and old plant parents! A few of my favorites are Black Girls With Gardens, Mother Earth News, and Planet Natural. Instagram is also full of amazing plant-filled feeds like @houseplantplantclub, @plantsindecor, @plantingpink, and @blackgirlswithgardens.

Weather you choose to start grind seeds or begin with a young potted plant, caring for them and seeing the plant grow is an incredible feeling. Be proud of the garden you create...no matter how big or small. Realize you have everything you need to raise a beautiful plant baby. Who knows? Your thumb will turn green bit by bit, and both you and your plants will thrive.

How to create an indoor garden

Have you started working on your green thumb? Share with us pictures of your green babies @ModernBrownGirl; we LOVE to hear from our readers!

 Amanda Banks

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