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Gifts Para Tus Comadres

Gifts Para Tus Comadres

Gifts Para Tus Comadres - Gift Guide for Your Best Girlfriends
Gifts Para Tus Comadres - Gift Guides for Your Best Friends

I can’t believe it’s already time to start putting together my gift list for the holidays! I always tell myself I’m going to start early…pero no (insert sigh)…Hello my name is Cynthia and I’m a serial last minute shopper. I’m sure many of you can relate, so let me help you out with ideas to gift your comadres, your besties, and your ride-or-die dolls.

When I shop for my comadres, I look for gifts that are thoughtful, and gift them something that is a reflection of them. I also try to shop at minority owned businesses and women owned businesses. This Comadre is all about supporting and empowering small businesses and the community. 

So here are a few of MY favorite things:

1. Para Tu Comadre Who is Obsessed With Frida, Like Me!

Sister Golden Shop makes this beautiful Frida calendar. This calendar is so unique and each portrait is made with leaves, twigs, flowers, and other pieces of nature that the artist found herself. Once the year is over, your comadre can take the 12 beautiful 3D quality images and frame them. I bought the 2018 Frida Calendar and the art is gorgeous.

Sister Golden Shop has kindly given our MBG readers a 10% discount if you use the code MDRNGIRL. The code expires Dec. 24, 2018.

Sister Golden Shop was founded in 2014 by mother-daughter team Vicki and Brooke. While the two lived apart – Vicki in Chicago and Brooke in San Diego – Sister Golden began as an online-based shop featuring a small selection of handcrafted products and mom Vicki’s colorful art prints.

2. For Your Comadre With the Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love chili and sugar? Check out Lucha Frutos Holiday Sampler. This candy sampler includes mango tamarindo chile gummy bears, chile azul chile gummy bears with sour belts, dry chile pineapple, tamarindo, and mango, and so much more.

Lucho Frutos was sweet enough to give our MBG readers 20% off your purchase by using code MODERNBROWNGIRL. This code expires on Dec. 22, 2018.

Lucha Frutos was founded by Michelle Dorado and Ruben Dorado. They created the candy line, because they grew up putting chile on everything! They wanted to come up with a brand that people related to. They used the luchador because it stands for struggle, fight, and perseverance. Their slogan is #VivaLaLucha .  

3. Para Tu Comadre Who Has Been With You Through it All

Las buenas y las malas! You can gift her this beautiful necklace from Bryan Anthonys. It’s a gift for both of you, and is a reminder that you will always have each other’s back. The set features two delicate arrow halves, that when placed side by side form one complete arrow. 

Bryan Anthonys is so lovely that they are giving our MBG readers 20% off by using code MBG20.

Named after co-founder Amber Reynolds’ brother, whose young life was tragically taken due to a severe case of bacterial meningitis, Bryan Anthonys was founded from the verifiable truth that we are only given one life and time isn't something that is guaranteed so we shouldn't waste it trying to be someone we are not. The brand was created in honor of Bryan, with the hopes that they could encourage others to make life meaningful.

4. For Your Comadre Who is a Proud Latinx & She is First- Generation

Daughter of an Immigrant has a first-generation tee that she will love and rock proudly.  

Daughter of an Immigrant was established to remind us that our parents crossed rivers and borders to give us a better a life. We had to know two languages and reconcile our life experiences with the legacy of our grandparents. We learned to appreciate and treasure the land of our parents while growing up in the land of stars and stripes. We were raised with a work-ethic no one can beat -- twice as good to get 1/2 the recognition of most. We created this apparel as a way to express to those around us the truth of our pride. We are proud of our history. We appreciate the day our parents bravely crossed borders for us. If only we can be as brave as them.

5. Para Tu Comadre That Has a Passion For Music & The Arts

This poster of Celia Cruz in rolos will take her breath away. "Rolos & Icons" is the new exhibit by New York based artist M. Tony Peralta. “Rolos & Icons” is a collection of screen-printed paintings of powerful and iconic Latinas through history rocking the rolos.

The Peralta Project was founded in 2005 by native New Yorker M. Tony Peralta. The brand is almost 10 years old and it has matured into an extension of Peralta’s original artwork and inventive graphic designs. As his website says, “He mixes New York City Latino grit with hip-hop culture to create designs that resonate with people from all walks of life.”

6. Para Tu Comadre Who is Always Busting Out the Mexican Loteria at Parties

Or your comadre who loves hosting game night, gift her the updated version of Mexican Bingo. Millennial Loteria was born from its’ viral IG account @MillennialLoteria. This version has changed La Dama to La Feminist, and El Catrin to El Hipster, and your tokens are now bitcoins. Pretty dope, right? It’s sure to be a hit at her next game night.

For more gift ideas, check out my IG stories @ChiCity_Cyn where I’ll be showcasing other gift ideas para tu comadre. Happy Shopping Muñecas & Happy Holidays!

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