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12 Hostess Gifts Guaranteed to Get You Invited Back

12 Hostess Gifts Guaranteed to Get You Invited Back

Hostess Gift Guide
Hostess Gift Guide

Sometimes it can be a struggle to gift the “hostess with the most-ess” as she most likely has it all. We’ve rounded up 12 amazing gifts — both unique and thoughtful — that will guarantee your invite to the next party. No #fomo for you!

1. For Game Night

Empty Faces, from $26/month

It's like a real-room escape room. Solve riddles, piece together clues, and uncover a mystery.

2. For The Crafter

Home Made Luxe Monthly Subscription, $39.99

Each monthly craft kit contains all the crafty materials you need to create a gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy home decor project delivered to your doorstep.

3. For Non-Spirited Nights

Spice 94, $36

Non-Alcoholic drink mixes Jamaican Allspice and Cardamom. Serve with tonic for a refreshing drink that won’t leave your hostess feeling worse for wear in the morning.

4. For Spirited Nights

Teshen Wine Red & White

A great hostess will know good wine, and this is it. Impress at the next party when you deliver these elegant red and white wines.

5. Wrapped in This Fabulous Reusable Tote...

Purposefull Wine Tote, $10

Give wine in this adorable reusable bag, hand-drawn and designed by co-founder Lauren Conrad.

6. Luxury Boxed Roses

Venus et Fleur, Le Mini Square, $79

Because, why not? These nine real roses last up to a year and give a touch of fancy to any room.

7. A Helping Hand After Her Next Shindig

Deep Cleaning Services, from $73.90

This is a gift that your hostess with truly cherish because it gives her precious time and energy back.

8. Stemless Glasses for Your Holiday Spirits (Pun Intended)

20oz Plastic Holiday Stemless Wine Glasses, $9.99

These stylish glasses won’t break the bank, or anything else for that matter!

9. Farm-to-Skin Beauty

Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Soap, $16.74

These splurge-worthy soaps are made with mineral-rich Goat Milk, a 100% vegetable base, and the finest botanicals and extracts.

10. It’s All in The Details

Bow Napkin Rings, Set of 4, $10

Because napkin rings are always a great gift!

11. As Are Napkins...

4pc Velvet Trim Napkin Cream/Black, $8.49

These velvet trimmed napkins are guaranteed to make your hostess smile.

12. And Finally, Gift Her Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Kodak Moments Acrylic Block, $39.99

Hand polished blocks of premium acrylic bring a crystal clear focus to any picture for a clean, timeless look.

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