French Style for The Modern Brown Girl

 How to dress like a French girl

I know we must be tired of hearing about how fabulous French women dress, simply because it seems so simple and yet we seems so in awe of the most basic wardrobe ever. But that is because true style never has to try so hard and in a time where fast fashion and fast trends run wild, we always seem to forget how beautiful the basics can be. And as busy women, we know how pressed for time we actually are and that effortless style that the French women have mastered is not only absolutely enviable but a heaven-sent wardrobe to mimic. Here are five basics you must have in your closet so that your style is as just as effortless as any Parisian.

1. Overalls

Parisian Style Tips

Fitted Denim Overalls by Lucky Brand


2. Striped Tee

Parisian Style Tips

Side Tie Stripe Tee from BP


3. Loafers

How to dress like a Parisian

Pointed Toe Slip On Loafer Mules by Franco Sarto


4. Boyfriend Blazer

Parisian Style Tips

Oversized Blazer by Everlane


5. Belt Bag

Parisian Style

Belt Bag from Barney's New York


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Copy by: Yanira Garza, Beauty & Style editor