Why You Need to Start - or Keep - Exercising During Pregnancy

 Exercising during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exuberant and overwhelming time that you might someday get to experience in your life. You suddenly become the center of attention at family get-togethers, with your Tia’s expelling their anecdotal parenting advice and giving you TMI stories about their birthing experiences. Every family member becomes your personal butler, offering to get things for you because, God forbid, you place any ‘strain’ on the baby. Lastly, how can we forget the food? Be prepared for the never-ending overflow of food your abuela shovels on your plate because you’re eating for two now mija!

It’s no secret that exercising during pregnancy plays a huge role in the development of the fetus and the overall well-being of the mother. Whether you are looking to maintain your current fitness levels or establish brand new ones, there is no better time or incentive to start.

 Exercising during pregnancy

Here Are Some Benefits That Exercising Mothers Experience:

  • Reduced pregnancy discomfort by toning muscles that support good alignment.
  • Pregnancy weight gain kept under control (ACOG recommended guidelines are 25-35lbs TOTAL.
  • Increased energy.
  • Better sleep.
  • Improved mood and self-image, allowing you to feel in control.
  • Less prone to morning sickness.
  • Lower risk of developing gestational diabetes by as much as 27%.
  • Shorter labor with fewer medical interventions coupled with less exhaustion during labor.

As a Precaution, There are a few Contraindications for Exercising During Pregnancy, Including:

  • High-risk pregnancies or women at risk for pre-term labor (Doctors clearance is imperative!).
  • Prone (on your stomach) or supine (on your back) exercise positions.
  • Balance focused activities, as your center of balance shifts making it more likely to fall.
  • Exercising in hot conditions.

Whether you choose to work with a personal trainer or on your own, movement itself is essential. A 30-minute walk or jog in the morning is a great cardiovascular activity that gets the heart pumping and works up a nice sweat. Pair that with a modest strength training program and you are well on your way to a happy and healthy pregnancy (and beyond!).

 Bria Santiago

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