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6 Amazing Clean Beauty Finds To Try Now

6 Amazing Clean Beauty Finds To Try Now

6 non toxic and natural beauty products

It’s never easy finding a true-and-trusted beauty product that does its job without wrecking your hair or skin. And with the growing concern of parabens — preservatives commonly found in cosmetic products to help them last on the shelf — and its possible role in hormone disruption, it’s even trickier to make sure which products really are safe and “natural.”

But fear not, reader, for this Modern Brown Girl has rounded up some of her favorite — and most importantly clean — beauty products!

Non toxic beauty products

1. Luxurious Skin Frosting by Ari Rose


This fair-trade and essential oil-rich lotion is an absolute dream in a jar. The hydration that you get from a small handful of Ari Rose’s skin frosting is even creamier than your average body butter. The way it melts in your hand makes you want to keep digging in the jar but trust that a little bit goes a long way. Your whole body will be smoother than it’s ever been. The lotion comes in three wonderful scents, but my favorite is definitely Sunshine Day!

Non toxic beauty products

2. Creme Blush by The Honest Company


I’ve been using this creme blush since I first found out about the launch of Jessica Alba’s beauty line. I absolutely love how light and blendable the blush is to the touch, but still gives just the right amount of pop. I use the soft pink shade of “Truly Thrilling,” but the other shades are just as beautiful.

Non toxic beauty products

3. Stretch Concealer by Glossier


I don’t think I’ve ever trusted a concealer like how I trust this one by Glossier. The Stretch Concealer is created with cocoa butter, avocado, and jojoba oils that leave you with a desirable, dewy look. An added bonus is that it also contains elastic, microcrystalline wax, which ensures that it moves with your face never giving you that “caked on” look. Use it to cover up problem areas on your face, or blend it all over for a more even look.

non toxic beauty products

4. 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil by The Ordinary


I’ve come to accept the fact that I have fine, thin hair that’s easily susceptible to frizz from humidity. But when you find an oil that helps with the frizz, it’s really a blessing. Major shout out to The Ordinary for this super affordable, organic Argan oil rich in fatty acids and vitamins that strengthens my hair and gives it a great shine. Clearly, this calls for a hair flip!

Non toxic beauty products

5. Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream by Pacifica


As a teacher, I know that my skin is in constant need of hydration due to the stresses I may face at work. However, I never knew I needed a clean, cruelty-free face cream that was rich in probiotics, plant extracts and coconut water. Imagine my surprise when I found this cream in the natural beauty products aisle at Target and read its purpose of boosting hydration for “all skin types, especially stressed.” I shall look no further than this cream by Pacifica, which I will now be using as my night cream (and conveniently smells like coconut).

Non toxic beauty products

6. Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castille Liquid Soap


I recently purchased this multi-use, biodegradable, and fair-trade liquid soap and I must say, it’s definitely a dark horse as far as beauty products go. You wouldn’t think that a liquid soap made from organic oils (like oils from coconut, hemp, olive, and jojoba) would be a go-to product, but after using it as a body wash and a shaving cream, I am pretty impressed. I bought it in the lavender scent, but you can also find other great ones like peppermint, rose, citrus, and eucalyptus. 

Note: Remember to always check the labels even if the front says words like “eco” “natural” and “vegan” before purchasing anything. The Modern Brown Girl is aware that true beauty lies within, so it’s time we start protecting it from the harsh chemicals in our outer world.

Do you agree with our list? What natural products do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below. 

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