6 Cheap Valentine's Day Date Ideas For Couples On A Budget

 Cheap Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day can be stressful for couples who are on a budget. You want to impress your partner with a huge romantic gesture, but your bank account won't allow it. Getting creative with date ideas is much for fun than just shelling out money on something mindless. Chances are, these date ideas will bring you closer to your partner than a fancy dinner in a crowded restaurant. 

1. Stargaze At A Planetarium

Admission is fairly cheap, and there's nothing more romantic than gazing at the planets and stars in a climate-controlled room mid-February. 

2. Sing Together At A Karaoke Bar

You can learn a lot about someone while sharing the stage singing in front of complete strangers. Get silly with each other and belt out your favorite songs.  

3. Go To A Trivia Night

Team up with your partner and share your knowledge of random facts and maybe even win some money! Teaming up to compete against others is a great way to get closer. 

4. Cook For Each Other

Channel your inner Ina Garten and cook something amazing. Pasta dishes are fairly easy and impressive. Buy a bottle of Trader Joe's two-buck-chuck and violá! 

5. Hit Up A Museum 

Admission for two can be budget friendly and some cities even offer free museum days. 

6. Grab A Bottle Of Wine And Turn Off All Electronics

This may sound crazy, but turn off all screens, open a bottle of wine, and talk to each other. Spend quality time with your partner without outside distractions. There's no need to hashtag every moment. 

What did we miss? What are some of your budget-friendly date ideas? Share with us in the comments below! 

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Copy by: Gabriela Garcia

Feature image: Unsplash