Beauty Travel Essentials for Your Next Vacation

 What beauty products to pack for your next vacation

Summer is here, which mean it’s definitely time for a vacation! While you’re packing, its best to stick to what you know to avoid any issues with hotel products. Not sure what to pack exactly? Below is a list of the most essential items to take with you on your next vacay! Check out our extra pro tips from Dove Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba.


Sunscreen is always a vacay must! But, for extra protection on the beach and a great fashionable accessory, rock a cute beach hat or baseball cap. You’ll maintain your health and look great while doing so!

Pro Tip:

Dr. Alicia Barba recommends that “when purchasing skincare [for a trip], ask for sample sized products of the skincare items you are purchasing and save them for your travel kit.”

Sleeping Mask

Vacations are known for resting and relaxation. So, if you want to ensure you get a great night’s sleep (or a quick nap throughout the day), bring along a sleeping mask. It’s also a plus to have on a plane, train or bus, to help you get that much-needed sleep.

Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are great to throw in your suitcase as they are super light and great for multiple uses like removing makeup, wipe your hands, or great wipes to use at the beach.

Pro Tip:

Dr. Barba shares that “when packing for trips, I always make sure to include a couple of essential products. I find that hotel room skincare products are never rich enough or cleansing enough, which can lead to dry skin or breakouts. During the morning, I use a gentle cleanser. My skin is usually clean from the night before as I have double cleansed.  I use Dove Beauty Bar in the shower, with ¼ moisturizers, the bar hydrates while cleansing gently. It is imperative not to strip the skin, especially while cleansing.”

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