Classic Trench Coats Under $100?

Yanira Garza

For the past 14 years, Yanira Garza has worked as a makeup artist for some of the biggest brands in the industry like Chanel, Shiseido, YSL, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. Garza is also a freelance stylist and has worked with top models from Elite, Ford, BMG as well as actor Freddie Rodriguez, Cafe Magazine and Chicago Magazine, to name a few. She joins MBG to answer your beauty and style questions. 

Dear Yanira,

I'm a jeans girl and I work in a manufacturing plant. How can I dress up without worrying about getting my clothes ruined? @BeautyByGaby

I love that women understand that jeans can be more than just casual. That said, working at a manufacturing plant could be difficult, especially if you do tend to get your clothes soiled frequently. My best suggestion would be to not spend so much time worrying about ruining your clothes by not spending so much on the pieces you wear there. I always say splurge on your work clothes, but in your case, feel free to hit the clearance rack, the thrift or local consignment shops. If you splurge on a beautiful top, you'll be so focused on not ruining it that you won't be able to focus at work or worst, actually jinx yourself into ruining it. And if that doesn't help, jewelry is harder to soil. Wear some fun statement pieces that make jeans and a basic tee shirt look like a million buck. Something like this is absolutely gorgeous, super affordable, and very popular right now. 

Dear Yanira,

Where can we find affordable and stylish clothes that won't break the bank? G. Ramos, Chicago, Illinois

My favorite place to find cute and stylish pieces right now is ThredUP. I have been really into shopping consignment. In fact, I traded in my "lazy girl" sweats for a pair of designer sweatpants (yes, there is such a thing) that were a thicker weight, fitted, and stylish enough to wear everyday for the same price as my old pair that was literally falling apart. Target also has the "Who What Wear" collection that is fashion-forward and looks good on you and your account! 

Dear Yanira,

Business attire can be a hard thing when you have a curvier figure. How can I style a pencil skirt in the office without worrying that I'm "showing off too much" to my co-workers?  @HealthyLatina

Confidence is key! Being curvier is your blessing and if you feel good in your pencil skirt, wear it anyway. You cannot please everyone. But if it really bugs you, balance it out by making sure your heels are not sky high and you pair it with a top that is not as fitted as your skirt.  

Dear Yanira,

I'm looking for a classic trench coat for Spring, but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on one. Where can I find some great trench coats for under $100 that are good quality and will last? S. Martinez, Austin, Texas

For years, I had my eye on the classic Burberry trench. Sure the price is ridiculous but the truth is that every Spring it is the #1 selling coat year after year, so it was an investment I knew I wouldn't regret. Then one day, while walking the mall, I went into Zara and found the perfect trench for exactly $99. Now I can invest the rest of my funds into a vacation instead. Right now you can find styles like this one, that one, and this other one all within your budget.  

Dear Yanira,

I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes each season. What are the main things I should spend my money on? A. Castaneda, Miami, Florida

Most people have expenses that do not allow for a wardrobe overhaul every season, including myself. I like to start off by building a wardrobe of quality pieces. Your basics would be, the little black dress, a classic trench, a great pair of jeans, an everyday dress, a boyfriend blazer, etc. This is where your money should go, building the perfect collection of basics that you love and wear everyday. Then as the seasons change add 1-2 items that are fun and trendy but blend seamlessly into your existing favorites and if by the following season they are out of style, you are okay knowing that you didn't spend much anyway. 

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