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Dear Yanira, 

Hello! About 3 weeks ago I colored my hair with a box product and now my scalp is so dried out and is flaking badly. I tried coconut oil and a dermatologist recommend shampoo and conditioner, but nothing has worked. Can you help? K.W. Mount Dora, FL

I am not a dermatologist nor a professional hair stylist but girl, do I have stories for you about my mishaps with box hair color. I'm going to assume, based on personal experience that you left it on too long but either way I will recommend some deep conditioning. Coconut oil may work magic on some hair but not all, the protein in it can be too much for some and dry you out even more. I prefer a hot oil treatment with good old fashioned EVOO. Warm up a little extra virgin olive oil and apply it to dry hair, focusing on the scalp and massaging that in. If possible, leave it on over night and wash it off with a gentle shampoo in the morning. Do not skip conditioner and lay off the hot tools for a while, the heat can dry you out more.

Dear Yanira,

Can you help me? After a bad breakup, I decided to cut my hair short for a new start. Now I hate it! How can I encourage it to grow back faster? Or what are some cuter styles for short hair while I wait for it to grow back? S. Maldonado, Austin, Texas

Every woman wants to go short after a bad breakup because of course everything is changing and we think that needs to change too. I personally think short hair is super sexy but obviously, in your case, it isn't for everyone. First, I strongly recommend a Biotin vitamin, which by the way, helps with nails as well. Bonus. Next, try castor oil which is rich in ricinoleic acid. It helps increase circulation to the scalp. Massage that into your scalp. Avoid brushing wet hair but the old trick of brush 100 times before bed, just another way to massage the scalp and once again improve circulation. This transitioning time might also be a fun way to play with extensions, ponytail pieces, wigs, just have fun. Change really is a good thing and short hair really can be sexy, just check out these styles.

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