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5 Workout Classes That Will Keep You Motivated This Winter

5 Workout Classes That Will Keep You Motivated This Winter

5 Workout Classes That Will Motivate You This Winter

Winter in Chicago is no joke. From below negative temperatures one week to above freezing the next, making sure you have a go-to indoor gym is a must. There is nothing I love more than running along the lakefront path of Lake Michigan at sunrise or sunset to keep things interesting. However, until spring arrives, these workout spots keep things plenty fun and challenging. Grab a pal and hit up these MBG approved gyms!

1. Barry’s Bootcamp

I have to admit, I was skeptical about entering the “red room.” I’m wary of any workout that leaves me in a dark room with a large group of people and exercise equipment. I trip on the treadmill in broad daylight if that gives you any glimpse into my coordination! The 60-minute full body class is high-impact, motivating, and fun. It’s challenging while still being inclusive and open to modifications. The lighting really sets the mood and transports you to a place where you can focus on your workout and give it all you’ve got. The Fuel Bar and amenities are also top notch and classes are available worldwide.

2. Runner’s High

Treadmill running is typically a boring and mundane task. This gym has changed the game and transports you and the class to exotic and unique locations with varying terrains. Your treadmill incline adjusts in time with the big screen visual and it feels like you’re running in the jungle, desert, forest or alongside the water.  It’s perfect for changing up your workout routine and a mini-vacation from everyday life.

3. Mazi-Dance Fitness

I heard the words “Ballerina Fight Club” and I knew that I had to check this place out. The instructors can only be explained as spritely, lightly moving around on their feet with the poise and grace of a ballerina. Don’t let that fool you, these badass babes can pack a punch and my calves and arms were burning for days after (in the best way possible). I realized how efficient and fun a dance workout can be. It felt like being at the club! Grab a few girlfriends and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

4. Yoga Six

After a persistent running injury, I’m learning to make space in my life for relaxation and yoga. Yoga Six has a class called Stretch and Restore that is perfect for any yoga novice or someone coming back from an injury. When you really evaluate how you use your body on a regular basis, are you giving it space to relax, rest and breathe? The answer is probably no and the time to start is right now! They also have locations nationwide.

5. AIR

Aerial yoga was actually a big stretch for me. I’m terrified of heights and the talented Instagrammers make it looks so easy! I hate being bad at things but I love a good challenge so I naturally made it to a class to try it out. I figured it would be relaxing and similar to any other yoga flow class. I had a rude awakening! This workout really challenges your core strength and your arms. The class ended with wrapping ourselves in the silks like a cocoon and I was rejuvenated and refreshed, feeling like a butterfly floating out of class. They have several locations nationwide and are quickly growing.

Are there any gyms we have to check out? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Feature Image by bruce mars on Unsplash

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