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5 Tips For Smoother Legs This Season

5 Tips For Smoother Legs This Season

5 Tips For Smoother Legs

Who wears short shorts? Well, for the longest time, it wasn't me. I couldn't get a smooth enough shave. I struggled with ingrown hairs, one of the very few downfalls of that curly girl magic, and so it was just easier to rarely expose my legs even if the temperature reached melting status. But last summer things had changed and by this spring, at the first sign of sun, I was all bare legs. Check out these five easy ways, I went from being a no-show to a full-blown show-off.

1. Exfoliate

Yes, we hear this all the time but sometimes regular exfoliation just isn't enough. I start by dry brushing in an upward motion, towards the heart, to really get the blood flowing and to lift any hairs that the razor may not pick up otherwise. Then I use a salt scrub like C. Booth Sea Salt Scrub to really get the dead skin out of the way. And if that wasn't enough, I exfoliate the day after I shave as well but with a lighter exfoliant like Dove Exfoliating Body Polish in Kiwi and Aloe.

2. A Close Shave

I have tried every razor under the sun and each and every one caused irritation to the point that it looked as though I may have a slight case of measles. Girl bye. Life was rough. Until I discovered a safety razor. I use the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor. Without applying pressure, otherwise you'll end up with a deep cut or two, take my word for it, you'll get the closest shave ever.

3. Treatment

No matter how smooth, most MBG's have larger pores, darker hair, and in my case, a five o'clock shadow around the kneecaps by two pm. The struggle is real. However, using a moisturizing serum like Arbonne RE9 Advanced Retexturizing Serum in Lotion, a vegan double-duty body lotion containing serum that not only delivers amazing all-day hydration but also offers gentle exfoliation thanks to alpha hydroxy acids, helps prep the skin for the softest, smoothest feel you'll ever have. I also apply Theraplex FT Exfoliating Emollient to my knees. The salicylic acid provided a gentle exfoliation for softer and smoother looking skin. 

4. Moisturize

All that exfoliating, smoothing, shaving, prep and such does not matter if you forget to hydrate your skin after. And I am not talking a light lotion and go, but a thick rich cream that's going to give you a long-lasting glow and feel. Currently in my rotation is Sol de Janerio's Bum Bum Cream and while my bum bum thoroughly enjoys its richness, I also slather it on my legs for a long-lasting smoothness and drool-worthy tropical scent.

5. Illuminate

We are all about the glow up but in this case, I'm glowing and highlighting these legs with NARS Monoi Body Glow I. Not only is it extra moisture since it is infused with coconut oil but also give the legs a pretty tint thanks to the golden shimmer it provides.

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