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5 Super Foods For Gorgeous Skin, Hair, And A Healthy You

5 Super Foods For Gorgeous Skin, Hair, And A Healthy You

What to eat for healthy skin and hair

Let me start by saying, I am no dietician. In fact, until I noticed my first wrinkle, water was not even a priority, let alone fruits and vegetables. It was not until after my 30s when a spike in my sugar levels forced me to sit and revisit the way I ate. I went into a cycle of purely clean eating and never looked back. One noticeable benefit of eating a healthy diet, my skin had not been this clear and lively in years. Even my hair has been happier with what I have been eating. So here are seven super foods for gorgeous skin, hair and a healthier you.

1. Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers For Healthy Skin and Hair

Even the slightly deficiencies in vitamin C can lead to hair breakage and dry strands. Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C that helps increase collagen production for stronger hair and youthful looking skin. I am a huge fan of any type of Asian dish and love adding all colors of sweet bell peppers to any and all stir-fry dishes.

2. Blueberries

5 Super Foods For Healthy Hair and Skin

By far, one of my least favorites but I still buy it for one reason. This common berry is so rich in antioxidants, it helps aid in the prevention of premature aging. Because of the thin skin, I gear towards organic and mix it with other berries in my morning yogurt.

3. Lentils

5 Super Foods - Lentils

I have this in bulk in my pantry. Never being a huge legume person, this has surprised me by how much I enjoy it. Rich in iron for full and luscious locks, this is a huge plus for someone like me who has a tendency of being low on iron and not being able to take iron supplements. My favorite dish is a traditional Turkish Lentil soup.

4. Dark Chocolate

5 Super Foods - Dark Chocolate

Ladies rejoice! Contrary to popular belief chocolate does not cause acne. In fact, dark chocolate, which is made from the seed of the cocoa tree, is one of the best sources of antioxidants. So in essence, dark chocolate keeps you young. Skip the grocery store checkout chocolate and try something more delicious with at least 60% cocoa, like an exotic mix from Vosges.

5. Tomatoes

5 Super Foods - Tomatoes

I may not be a fan of eating raw tomatoes but I am a huge lover of salsa. Yes, you can get the benefits that way too! Since tomatoes are a huge source of the anti-aging antioxidant lycopene, and lycopene is best absorbs through cans tomatoes, lazy gals like me just hit the jackpot. Make yourself a delicious pico de gallo salsa using petite diced canned tomatoes to save time and help your skin.

What foods do you swear by for making you look and feel amazing? 

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