3 Simple & Inexpensive Ways to Fight Signs of Aging

 3 simple and inexpensive ways to fight signs of aging

As I make plans for my upcoming birthday, I learned that the few who were unaware of my age placed me at a good five to six years younger than I am, putting me right in my late 20s. While I am aware that's that melanin, I've always taken preventative measures. It wasn't until recently that I realized how simple an anti-aging routine can be. But it got me thinking, while I never deny my age, could I pass for 25 without splurging on Botox? Here are a few tried and true tricks for the MBG who wants to slow down the aging process while on a serious budget.

 3 simple ways to fight the signs of aging

1. Hydration

This is my number one tip and I'm not talking about a good face cream, though you should be using that too. Most of us really aren't drinking enough water. In fact, most of us are taking in more glasses of wine or cups of coffee without even coming close to the recommended daily intake. Try something simple like a glass of water before and after every cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage (while limiting said drinks as well) or go to the max and try the 30 day gallon challenge.

 3 simple ways to fight the signs of aging

2. Exercise

The gym has been my friend in many ways. While trying to keep tone, I mainly use the gym as a sort of de-stressor. Nothing wrecks havoc on your skin like stress. And while meditation and walks at sunset have helped, nothing helps my mood better than the squat machine while blasting Carbi B on my headphones. Okuuurrr.

 How to fight signs of aging on your neck

3. Watch Your Neck

My niece is a peach, I love her so much but not so much her brutal honesty. While at a family gathering, she announced that she can tell I am aging by my chin and I almost melted to the floor. I rushed to the mirror and while I didn't notice much loose skin, it did make me realize that I have been neglecting my chin, neck, and decollete area.

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