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10 Things Women Over 30 Should Stop Doing (And They’re Not What You Think)

10 Things Women Over 30 Should Stop Doing (And They’re Not What You Think)

10 Things Women Over 30 Should Stop Doing

We're no experts in life, believe us, but we've compiled a list of 10 hard taught lessons that may help you navigate this crazy world. After all, the best is yet to come.

1. Being Too Hard On Yourself

So you thought by the time you hit 30 you would be in a relationship with your soulmate and possibly on the road to marriage. Or maybe you thought you'd be working in your dream job and living the life of a jet-setter. Perhaps you thought you'd finally own a home, or have children, or even a pet. But you can't even get a text back! Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and be grateful for the life that you are living now. Be as kind to yourself as you would to any other person in your life. After all, you are the only person you will spend the rest of your life with. 

2. Neglecting Your Health

Tips To Stay Healthy

This one is a no-brainer. There's no time like the present to take control of your wellness and make that yearly physical, OBGYN and dental appointment. Cut back on the junk food, go to a yoga class or two and for heaven's sake, turn off Netflix and go to bed! Don't ignore signs of fatigue and stress and listen to what your body is telling you. 

3. Not Staying On Top Of Your Finances

Does this sound familiar? You check your mail and throw all bills and bank statements in a huge pile. Oh look, the latest US Magazine & Anthropologie catalogue! You immediately forget to open your mail to lounge on the couch to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and scour that $500 velvet and lace embroidered dress that you cannot afford. Before you know it you've missed payments on a few bills and the late fees pile up. Stop putting off your finances and own up to what you owe and how much money you have in your accounts. 

4. Not Knowing How To Cook

How To Cook Easy Recipes

At the very least, you should know how to make a few simple dishes so you don't have to depend on Grubhub. We're not saying that you need to be a master chef, but learning how to make a few basic things will not only save you money, but will make you more self reliant and healthy in the future. 

5. Holding On To Bad Relationships

If there is someone in your life that brings you down instead of lifting you up, it's time to reconsider the relationship. Whether it's an intimate relationship or an old friendship, life is too short to spend time with those that bring out the worst in you. 

6. Not Knowing How To Fix Things

Why spend money on a tailor to fix a button or shorten a hem when you can do it yourself? You can find how to repair almost anything on Google or YouTube, so use it to your advantage. Stop calling your dad or some guy when you need help unclogging a drain or changing a tire. Help yourself and uncover just how strong you really are. 

7. Neglecting Your Brain

10 Things Women Over 30 Should Stop Doing

Never stop learning. Never stop evolving. Sign up for a painting class or learn how to play an instrument. Learn another language, read more books or take a trip to another country. There is so much out there that life has to offer and you should take advantage of every opportunity to learn something new. You never know what new talents you may uncover or new people you may meet. 

8. Waiting For A Knight In Shining Armor

Simply put, there is no knight in shining armor. Stop expecting someone else to save you. You are in control of your life and you are your own hero. Don't blame others for the misfortunes in your life and take control of your situation. Remember, you are the author of your life and you control the story. Take charge!  

9. Comparing Yourself To Others

Why is it that we base our worth on how other people see us? When we're bound by everyone else's opinion, then we become imprisoned behind high expectations. Stop comparing your life to someone else's. “Comparison is the killer of happiness,” says Matthieu Ricard, a.k.a. The Happiest Man In The World, in an article for GQ Magazine. “We don't compare ourselves with Bill Gates but with our neighbors.” Writer Michael Paterniti continues, "we [are] always tallying the cars in the neighbor's driveway, the latest renovation, this neighbor's trip to Yellowstone or that friend's Mediterranean jaunt. And that exercise is one of futility, lifting us from the moment in which we are living, and forcing us to covet a moment in which we aren't.

10. Not Believing In Yourself

10 Things Women Over 30 Should Stop Doing

We’ve all heard the mantras before: Let Go Of Fear, Follow Your Dreams, Believe In Yourself & Success Will Follow. Yes, these inspirational mantas make for catchy Pinterest quotes, but how many of us really believe them? How many times a week (or day) do you think to yourself, “What gives me the right to do this? I have no idea what I’m doing.” Maybe you suffer from Impostor Syndrome - the nagging fear of being “found out” as not being as smart or talented or deserving or experienced or (fill-in-the-blank) enough. Well guess what? It's time to call bullsh*t on any thought that you're not good enough. If you don't believe in yourself, who else will? You are stronger and smarter than you can ever imagine. 

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