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We Ask The Experts: How To Find The Perfect Fitting Bra

We Ask The Experts: How To Find The Perfect Fitting Bra

Soma perfect fitting bras

Bras — we wear them everyday and can spend between 8-12 hours a day in one. I'm the first to admit that after years of wearing bras, I just blindly find my size and buy. But we should be paying more attention to how we buy them, because the perfect fitting bra can make all the difference in how well an outfit fits and can save you a lot of money in the long run. We spoke with Cathy Devine, Vice President of Merchandising of Soma (in our opinion, the best place to buy undergarments) to ask once and for all how to find the perfect fitting bra for everyday wear.

We all hear of the importance of getting fitted for a bra, but how necessary is it really?

Bra fits can vary brand to brand, so it’s important to have your size checked by a fit expert who can make sure that you purchase a bra that delivers both the look and the comfort you deserve. The best test to determine if your bra fits well is to put on a smooth lightweight top over it. You should see only your beautiful shape – no bulges or bra lines should be showing through your shirt. And, of course, it should feel great and make you feel confident – when you first put it on, when you sit or stand or move around, and after 10-12 hours of wearing it.

How often should a woman get fitted for a bra?

It's a good idea to get a bra fitting whenever you are considering the purchase of a style or brand that you've never worn before or haven't worn in a while. A bra fit expert can help you select the styles that work best for your body and deliver the look that you want while ensuring that you have a comfortable and supportive fit. We recommend to be refitted every 6 months or if any of the following occur: you gain or lose 5 pounds or more, are pregnant, have recently been pregnant, are currently or have been nursing, have had breast surgery (reduction, augmentation, mastectomy or lumpectomy) or have gone through menopause. These "events' may change the shape of a woman's breasts as well as their density, necessitating her bra to work differently for her to deliver the shaping and support she prefers.

Soma's Enticing Lift Bra, $58

Soma's Enticing Lift Bra, $58

Some ladies on the MBG staff have had the same bras for years. How often should bras be switched out?

You'll need new bras when your old ones stretch out so that the band no longer fits snugly on the tightest hooks. With a bra that you wear and wash 2-3 times per week, you'll probably need to replace them after about 6-12 months. Of course, any time is a good time to treat yourself to the luxury of a pretty lacy bra that makes you feel good just because you’re wearing it!

What are the biggest mistakes women make when purchasing a bra?

There are two common mistakes women make when buying a bra: purchasing the wrong size and not investing in quality. There is a big difference in how a $15 bra and a $50 bra will perform – even if they don’t look very different on the hanger. A good quality bra will fit more comfortably, provide all day support, and will hold it’s beautiful appearance over many wearings and washings.

What is the perfect everyday bra that will compliment most women?

Soma’s new Enticing Lift Bra is the perfect everyday bra that will work for most women. Enticing Lift is a beautiful lace bra that is totally smooth under clothing and provides an uplifted shape without using padding.

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So tell us, have you discovered the holy grail of bras? Which ones would you recommend?

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