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This DIY Hair Mask Will Breathe New Life Into Your Hair

This DIY Hair Mask Will Breathe New Life Into Your Hair

DIY Hair Masks That Work

We all want what we can't have. If you have slick straight hair, you dream of big, bouncy curls. If you have said curls, you dream of pin straight hair. I was personally one of those girls growing up. I was born with big natural curly hair that I loved. People would always tell me how beautiful my hair was. But when I got older, I began to hate my curly hair. 

Everyone I knew had straight hair. I wanted my hair straight because it made me feel sophisticated, and curly hair made me feel like a little girl. So I started straightening my hair. Right away I was  addicted, not knowing in the long run I would ruin and damage my curls. After a while, I began to notice a big change when I would wear my hair naturally. My curls were no longer curls, but just little flat waves. I panicked! I wanted my curly hair back; but how was I going to get rid of all this heat damage? First, I cut a big chunk of the heat damage off. After searching and searching, product after product, I finally came across the perfect hair mask.


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & 1 Egg


1. Melt down 1 - 2 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil

2. Mix it with 1 egg - beat until smooth

3. Rub in hair & leave in anywhere from 30-60 minutes

4. Wash it out and shampoo & condition per usual

DIY hair masks that work

Egg is naturally filled with protein and just like your body, your hair needs protein. The coconut oil helps with the loss of protein in the hair, strengthens it, gives it shine, and helps with heat damage. One important tip is to make sure you get "Organic Virgin" coconut oil. Also make sure its cold pressed, that way all the natural goodness is still in the oil.

I started off using this hair mask about 2-3 times a month.

After I started seeing results, I cut it down to 1-2 times a month. You won't get results overnight, but in time, I swear you will love the hair you have! You can also use the coconut oil by itself and it will work  just as well. There are so many benefits to coconut oil,  but to use it this way is by far my favorite.

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