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Brazilian Beauty Secrets: 5 Must Have Beauty Products

Brazilian Beauty Secrets: 5 Must Have Beauty Products

Brazilian beauty secrets

With the 2016 Summer Olympics underway, all eyes are on Rio and MBG is taking notice of all the amazing things Brazil has to offer. From white sand beaches, picture perfect views, to Victoria Secret-esque women clad in bikinis, Brazil is a country that holds the ace when it comes to beauty. For Brazilian women, beauty is serious business and it's no wonder why. To channel some of that Brazilian beauty into our own arsenal, we've come up with 5 beauty products that are in every Brazilian woman's arsenal. 

1. Natura Brasil - Ekos

Natura is the godmother of Brazil cosmetics and is a brand that truly represents the country. Their Ekos products are Natura's most popular and all of their products are made with an eco-friendly philosophy. Natura thrives on using local and natural ingredients, which can be found throughout Brazil's bountiful landscape.

2. Contém 1g

This brand sells a wide variety of makeup and has lipsticks in over 100 shades. Even better, they contain SPF which will protect your lips on those those sun-kissed days. This brand is a haven for makeup lovers as they sell almost everything you will ever need to put together the perfect look.

3. BestBronze

When you think of Brazil, you most certainly think of bronzed, golden skin. But Brazilian women know better than to spend hours in the sun achieving that look. BestBronze is Brazil's highest selling bronzer and was voted as the #1 self-tanner in Glamour Magazine Brazil. It has a one-color-fits-all formula, gently glides on the skin and dries almost instantly. Supermodels such as Alessandra Ambrosio and Irina Shayk are just some of the products' celebrity users.

4. Granado

Created in 1890 as an exclusive supplier to the Brazilian royal family, Granado Pharmácias has been making luxurious skin care products for over a century. It has remained a staple on Brazilian women's vanities, not only for its gorgeous packaging but for its unique and natural ingredients that can be used on all skin types. 

5. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

That's right! A cream for your backside that will banish cellulite and give you the firmest skin of your life. This cream is the talk of beauty editors and is making the rounds with celebrities. It is formulated with guaraná, an Amazonian plant that's packed with caffeine and is scented with notes of pistachio, almond, jasmine petals, vanilla, sandalwood and salted caramel. 

Do you know of any Brazilian beauty secrets that we should be privy to? Reach out to us below. We love to hear from our readers!

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