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5 Instagram Accounts For The "Latinista"

5 Instagram Accounts For The "Latinista"

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Need some fashion inspiration? Stuck in a sweatpants rut? Add some allure to your Instagram feed by following these 5 fashion forward Latinas who will inspire you to look your best.


This is one of our favorite Instagram accounts. Romantic and classic with a touch of boho-chic, @SpanishMuse's Silvia gathers inspiration from her Mexican roots. She puts together looks that are whimsical and colorful. She's art in motion and we can't get enough!

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Modern and relaxed but always refined, @SincerelyJules' Julie Sariñana looks effortlessly amazing in every piece she pulls together. Sariñana pulls off that effortlessly gorgeous look that I can only wish to duplicate; seriously, what are her secrets? 


Bold and colorful, @ChicFlavor's Soraya Pena draws inspiration from her Venezuelan roots and her time between Chicago (our home base) and Abu Dhabi. Her looks are never boring and inspires me to add more color in my closet, instead of the endless black on black pieces I wear. 


We follow this sexy lady for her beauty tutorials, but her style has us staying for more. Her looks are accessible, on trend and we're always looking forward to her new posts. Not gonna lie, we have serious hair envy!


This Venezuelan fashion blogger loves colorful prints and knows how to mix them well with neutrals. She's refined yet edgy and is not afraid to mix textures. We love when her posts pop up on our feed and we want to copy each and every look!

Tell us who inspires you on Instagram. Who should we be following next?

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