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5 Ways To Meet Your Future Valentine

5 Ways To Meet Your Future Valentine

5 Ways to Meet Your Dream Partner - Modern Brown Girl

With Valentine's Day around the corner, love is in the air. If you're single, it can be especially annoying to see those coupled-up making plans for romance. For those of us not in college anymore, it can be hard meeting new people outside of work. So where do all the single people hang out? Is there some sort of secret club that all of the eligible singles frequent? Love isn't going to find you sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix (although it is perfectly acceptable to do in moderation). If you want to meet new people, you will have to get out there and open yourself to new opportunities. Not sure where to start? MBG has compiled a brief list of the best ways you may end of meeting your future #bae: 

1. Mutual Friends 

Did you know that about 30 percent of people met their significant other through mutual friends? Family, co-workers, neighbors — every person in your life could be the conduit to your future love. When a friend is having a dinner party, go. When co-workers invite you out after work hours, go. When the neighbors invite you to their bbq, go. You never know who you may end up meeting. 

2. Switch Up Your Daily Routine

Do you always frequent the same coffee shop, the same dry cleaners or the same corner drugstore? Change locals and see new faces. And don't just robotically go about your day. Look around you, notice the little things. Someone may notice you. 

3. Attend Events That Are of Interest to You 

A charity event, a fundraiser, a gala for rescued kittens. Whatever it may be, find causes that you are passionate about and be involved. Volunteer, do a walk-a-thon, campaign for your favorite presidential hopeful. Just be involved with life and with things you care about. 

4. The Old Stand-By: The Bar/Club

Full disclosure, I met my husband at a bar. It was 9:00pm on New Year's Eve and I was already in my pajamas, in bed watching movies. My friend INSISTED that we go to the corner bar to have at least one drink to celebrate the new year. I said "no" about 5 times. I finally got dressed and walked with her to the corner bar. I met the man who I would end up marrying. Had I stayed in bed that night, our paths probably would have never crossed. We had no mutual friends or interests, go figure!

5. Online

An increasing number of people are meeting online and finding long term success. Find a site that aligns with what you are looking for and only stick to 1 or 2 sites at the most. Take a flattering and honest picture of yourself and fill out your profile as sincerely as you can, without revealing too much. A woman must stay mysterious! If you need help with navigating the waters of online dating, download the 4 Commandments to Online Dating Success by Bela Gandhi, founder of Smart Dating Academy.

What have we missed? Share with us on social media. We love to hear from our readers! 

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